Future Stars was formed on 1st June 2004 with the goal of providing local children with a wide range of creative, sporting and play opportunities that would help them develop and grow on a physical, intellectual and emotional level, and most importantly, have fun whilst doing so.  The aim was to bring together an enthusiastic and experienced team of child-oriented professionals who could provide high quality coaching and development to children of all ages and abilities, and create a pathway that would support them throughout their childhood and beyond.  The plan was to merge all the knowledge, ideas and resources together to develop a multi-faceted provision that would allow us to gain access to as wide a range of children as possible.

Our range of services took us into schools, nurseries, special needs establishments and we worked closely with a variety of local children’s groups and organisations, assisting them with specialist coaching, fun and games sessions, sporting events, entertainment and event management.  Alongside this, we were also able to establish a strong reputation for parties and events to individuals and saw this growing very quickly as a distinct strand to the business.  By 2008, we were working in over 50 different local schools and running nearly 700 parties per year, giving us access to over 1,000 children every week.  This led to the expansion of the business and we were able to start running our own clubs and classes, as well as starting our very own holiday camps in 2010.  All of these have continued to grow and have ultimately led us to our next chapter……..

Future Stars Activity & Play Centre

In August 2015, we were finally able to find a place to call home, as we took over Bilco’s Activity Centre in Hamilton.  This allowed us to have a base to build and establish all our regular activities, while also providing us with the opportunity to expand and develop many new services.  While this is a new beginning for the company, our ultimate goal remains the same as it was in 2004 and we hope to continue to develop and nurture all children, while also giving them as many opportunities as possible to better and improve themselves.  Most importantly, we want to see them enjoying themselves and making new friendships in the process.


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