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Show DVDs available now!



We’re delighted to announce that the much-anticipated DVD of our show is now ready and available to all family and friends of those that took part in the performance. It is so exciting getting the chance to relive every moment again and I’m sure that many of the emotions that were evident on the night will come flooding back for everyone. If you haven’t ordered one yet, you can still do so by filling out the form on the website, and you can access this by clicking on the link on the left of this page. As well as the DVDs themselves, we’re also giving parents the opportunity to purchase any of the photos that were used in the presentations (if you can’t remember these, then just indicate on the form and we’ll show you samples). Everyone that has already purchased one will receive their DVDs within the next week, alongside any photos that were ordered, and all recent orders should receive theirs by the end of next week.

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